A songwriter steeped in the tradition, but casting it anew.”

Quite breathtakingly beautiful.”
Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2.

Upon hearing Nancy Kerr for the first time I wanted to hear some more. The songs, the singing, the accompaniments, they meld together into a true sound of England.”
Christy Moore

Nancy Kerr’s songs are unusual, intriguing. Steeped in folksong, she nonetheless breaks out of the mould, coming sideways to her subject, embroidering it with detail and surprises until the focus of the song comes clear.”
Peggy Seeger

Nancy Kerr is a fine musician so it is no surprise that her songs are melodically and rhythmically inventive. They derive from the folk tradition but manage to avoid the predictable which, since predictability is (as Sondheim says) the enemy of song, is a virtue in itself. Not many songwriters could write a verse and chorus that embrace each other to blend into a glorious finale, as in ‘Now Is the Time’. Her use of inner rhymes, assonance and alliteration make her songs mellifluously enchanting. Listening to them is a delight.
Leon Rosselson



“Sweet Visitor is simply perfection.” English Dance and Song Magazine

“These songs are among the best you have heard, or are likely to hear.” Tykes’ News

“Outstanding chamber folk.” The Guardian



“’Instar’ is quite simply a masterpiece; an outstanding collection with not a single weak link.” Fatea Magazine

“’Instar’ is not merely good, it’s vital, visceral and urgent –  balm for our woes, hope for our future: an essential companion for these turbulent times.” Folk Radio UK

“Folk music needs albums such as this. Nancy Kerr writes powerful songs taking subjects wide and varied to forge them with lyrics of potent expression allied to luscious melodies.” Folkwords

“Kerr’s unorthodox, intriguing songwriting, captivatingly beautiful voice and fabulous band make ‘Instar’ an absolute masterpiece which is not to be missed.” Bright Young Folk




Southport 2015 – “….one of the finest songsmiths writing in the folk idiom (or any other idiom ,for that matter). This was a stunning performance by Nancy and her superb band . Contemporary folk music just doesn’t get any better than this!” Fatea MagazineFULL REVIEW HERE

Folk by the Oak 2015 – “… over on the main stage was one of our favourite acts of the day, Nancy Kerr & the Sweet Visitor Band who put on a truly phenomenal and mesmeric Celtic infused show. Kerr’s sweet, tender and evocative vocals rang out through the sea of visitors the way a church bell cuts through the air on a Sunday morning. Her tender, heartfelt songs were performed with a raw and compassionate power that made her one of the most sublime performances of the day. Her every word being backed up by the rich and dextrous music of The Sweet Visitor Band it made for one completely enchanting set.” artree.org.uk FULL REVIEW HERE

Sidmouth Folk Festival 2015 “It was evident from the opening Never Ever Lay them Down that the band have grown closer, tighter and more powerful” “standing centre stage, long black ball gown and crown of flowers, her singing full of love and life’s experiences. Literate and sophisticated, her songs often operate on several levels. She challenges and taunts, connecting contemporary and traditional themes, revealing subtle metaphors and innuendos.” Laura Thomas, Kemptation FULL REVIEW HERE

Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2015 “Nancy Kerr is well known and respected voice on the English folk scene, her closing set on Main Stage 2 on Friday was a great showcase for her new self-penned material, which subtly breathes new life and poeticism into the English folksong tradition.” loveshrewsbury.com

Cecil Sharp House “To experience such an illustrious band, talented singer and wonderful songs at Cecil Sharp House, the iconic home of English folk music, is a real delight. Earthy and wonderfully expressive… utterly enthralling.” FULL REVIEW HERE